Additive Manufacturing has proven its benefits across a number of industries and use cases, while research has widely invested in consolidating the opportunities envisaged years ago, also opening the door to new cutting-edge solutions. Nevertheless, the high operative costs of the process and the high cost of additive-manufactured products make this technology still uncompetitive. The main reason is the low productivity of the technology and process variability and its low robustness is one of the factor that impact on this reason. In this pilot, additive manufacturing machines for powder bed and direct deposition will be considered to enhance process control for producing metal components. Traditional solutions and new concepts of machines will be considered to test new edge devices for process control, towards a ZDM result, and to work on data management and analytics to implement the whole manufacturing process by a platform approach.

EC ProjectQu4lity
TrendIndustry 4.0Zero Defect Manufacturing Equipment
Validation TypeUse Case