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The DFA is open to all participants in the digital manufacturing community interested in supporting the DFA mission by proving a technology, implementing a pilot, validating products or connecting innovation communities to the DFA assets.

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DFA allows its members to get access to the most updated knowledge, trends and “ready-to-implement” products in the digital manufacturing field

The Future of Data in Manufacturing: EU Data Space 4.0 Week is Here!

The Future of Data in Manufacturing: EU Data Space 4.0 Week is Here!

The EU Data Space 4.0 Week is a collaborative effort to bring together various dissemination actions under a joint initiative. Its primary objective is to raise awareness about the importance of data in manufacturing and highlight the need for mastering manufacturing data networks within individual companies and across end-to-end industrial value networks. By participating in this week-long event, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of the manufacturing industry. The official website of the EU Data Space 4.0 Week is the central hub for all the action.

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International panel at the Hannover Messe

International panel at the Hannover Messe

The recent panel discussion at the Hannover Messe, organized by Plattform Industrie 4.0, brought together industry experts from different nations to discuss the shaping of digital ecosystems globally. The participation of the Oscar Lázaro as Project leader of The DFA´s flagschip project EU Data Space 4.0 in this discussion is of significant importance.

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Let you be a large or small manufacturing company, let the Digital Factory Alliance tailor your industry 4.0 process autonomy to your business strategy.



A Data-Driven Factory Transformation


Trial Deep Dive

Practical, proactive and interactive sessions, dedicated to the immersion in applied and integrated use of digital technologies at a business and detailed technical level.


Open Dialogues

Sessions focused on brainstorming and high-quality insights. Open dialogues bring stakeholders together to give a chance to learn from and engage with opinion leaders.


Tech Talks

Examinate trends in a given digital technology, analyse how they affect the way we produce and do business, and comprehend the problems they solve.


Product Webinars

How to cover particular needs or problems by means of the products and processes offered by the member factories of the DFA.


“Meet DFA” webinars

What is exactly the DFA? Who is it addressed to? How do you participate? What are the main advantages of joining this initiative…?


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    This initiative is supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825030