ZX Marketplace

The ZX Marketplace is a unique market where new opportunities arise for all the participants in the Digital Factory Alliance. It is a place that fully supports the digitalization of the manufacturing community by connecting its digitalization needs with qualified digital products that fulfill them in a way never seen before.

By participating in the ZX Marketplace, an End User can easily find qualified and reliable digital products to be implemented in its production processes and get the support to effectively use them for its the digital transformation. And a Technology Provider can showcase its innovative solutions to the worldwide digital manufacturing community, thus helping the end users in its transformation path, with products backed-up by their compliance with the DFA certification route for ZX products, differentiating themselves in standardization, scalability and time-for-deployment when compared to an isolated innovation pilot result.

With this unique approach and high added value to the innovation solutions, making them very relevant for the manufacturing community needs, the ZX Marketplace represents an opportunity for finding effective solutions and getting access to new business opportunities for technology providers, testing and experimental factories and digital innovation hubs.

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