In words of DG-CONNECT Senior Expert Yves Paindeveine, “everything is leading to a data economy. You think it, we have t. That is why the European Commission has already proposed a number of data platforms towards a data economy: because the EC’s DG-CONNECT wants to be able to make the most out of data.”

In response to the European Commission’s priorities, as Oscar Lázaro, CEO of Innovalia Association and leader of the SM4RTENANCE EU Project stated, SM4RTENANCE embodies a collective effort in the line of Industry 4.0 focused on the development of an infrastructure for this data driven transformation to generate our own project and processes in a collaborative framework.”

As the Digital Factory Alliance (DFA) discovered in the event launch, the novelty of SM4RTENANCE resides in the fact that it’s a public intervention to further digitalize and manage manufacturing data networks and data sharing for manufacturing in several levels. Looking forward to learn more about SM4RTENANCE in the future!

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