Business Network

The Digital Factory Alliance is supporting the integration of new manufacturing networks that bring value to the community and generates opportunities for businesses and companies, some of them under development in European Commission (EC) Funded Projects, thus ensuring their dissemination and exploitation by key stakeholders.

One of the first networks to be integrated in this DFA Pillar will be the Plug & Respond Network (P&R Network), an initiative currently at development in the EC Project EUR3KA, that will bring capacities for flexible adaptation of supply chain and distributed manufacturing capabilities in order to give fast response to crisis scenarios, such as a pandemic, where supply chain could be interrupted or the manufacturing capabilities of certain ecosystems could be compromised.  EUR3KA is working on a P&R Network for supporting the effective response to pandemic scenarios and it also will have very important implications for batch, on-demand and decentralized production of goods in different types of industries, setting up new protocols to connect to the network, provide manufacturing capabilities, certification capabilities, as well as coordination management, and opening the doors to a Manufacturing as a Service capacity in the DFA.

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