DFA for me

The DFA is built on two main loops of integration for achieving a Rapid Innovation Cycle for Zero X Manufacturing: The Open Digital Innovation and the Market Driven Innovation.

The Open Digital Innovation loop of the DFA aims to build a bridge between Technology Providers and End Users looking for technology R&I results and Innovation Pilots in the digital manufacturing area. It is open to the whole community of interested stakeholders, so anyone can benefit from the knowledge exchange and community building.

The Market Driven Innovation loop of the DFA aims at the development of a Zero X Marketplace where Innovation Solutions, tested under a common DFA Digital Autonomy Reference Model and validated in a certified TEF, become Market Oriented Zero X Products readily available to be deployed in an End User Manufacturing Facility.  Therefore, this Zero X Marketplace becomes a store of qualified digital manufacturing products ready for deployment in real manufacturing facilities, thus easing the process of modernizing and digitalizing the factories of the future. The Zero X Marketplace is available only to registered members of the Alliance.

What can I get from
the DFA?

I am a technology provider

Do you want to improve and transform your digital solution into a standardized product to participate in a unique ZX Marketplace and offer your innovation products to DFA business networks? Then the DFA gives you the opportunity to validate your solution at a ZX Autonomy Level within the DFA Reference Framework and get access to new business opportunities for your company.

I am an END USER

Are you a manufacturing company looking for standardized and validated digital solutions – rather than just limited innovation pilots – that can be easily integrated in your production environment and really helps you to increase your efficiency, value and to supports your digital transformation? Then the DFA gives you an exclusive access to a unique ZX Marketplace for finding these solutions, the support from validated providers to implement them in your company and the access to the DFA Business Networks that will support your manufacturing needs in special scenarios.


I am a DIH

Are you a DIH that wants to support your companies by helping them to implement Zero-X Smart Rapid Response 4.0 Processes and give visibility to your services and pilots? Then the DFA offers you the opportunity to become a DFA DIH, to stand out in the DIH4INDUSTRY as such and become a master in supporting your companies in the use of the unique DFA assets and business networks.


I am a TEF

Do you want to certify your facilities as a lighthouse factory where technology providers can qualify their solutions to participate in the ZX Marketplace and Business Networks? Then the DFA gives you the opportunity to become a DFA TEF, opening up new business opportunities for you.