Plug & Response Network

The Manufacturing Plug & Response Network can be conceived as a federation of networks with the main goal of interconnecting demands of health products in crisis scenarios with decentralized manufacturing capabilities, alternative supply chains and a catalogue of certified health products, so the needs for health products can be covered in a fast and reliable manner.

P&R Network as a Federation of Networks

Three different and already existing networks are linked through a Data Space, which will provide the safety and sovereignty over the data shared among the participants in the P&R Network. The information flow as well as the workflow alignment is to be controlled by the Coordination Platform shown on the top, which will be described in the next section.

This ecosystem of networks provides access to certified health products ready for manufacturing at certified facilities, as well as access to suppliers readily available to be included in the supply chain networks. Additionally, participants as for example in the case of technology providers or manufacturing facilities can also find intermediaries able to certify their products and/or manufacturing lines to comply with the requirement of the Eur3ka Network in order to participate in it by providing certified products or manufacturing capabilities.

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