Pacelab WEAVR is a powerful software suite to streamline theauthoring, management and execution of extended reality (XR) applications for operations, maintenance and training. Pacelab WEAVR enables you to create, deploy and execute a wide array of virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions from the same set of technical data, creating a seamless and consistent experience from basic familiarization exercises to advanced, interactive field support. Its template-based, visual approach requires little to no programming or scripting skills, allowing subject matter experts to model tasks and procedures efficiently and without involving 3D developers or software engineers.

AI4 ManufacturingCollaborative robots (cobots)/ Human Robot CollaborationHuman Centred ManufacturingOptimize Equipment Changeover
Programming LanguageC#
SmartCLIDE CategoryProjectManagement/Development
Technical Categories (JRC)Connected and automated vehiclesRobotics and Automation
Technological CategoryInformationIntegration
TrendArtificial Intelligence