In order to accommodate the production requirements from IKEA RiaStone has developed an innovative ceramics production process “Ceramic tableware Single-firing” that has as its main characteristic, a three stepped approach for the production of IKEA tableware: 1) Isostatic Pressing of amalgamated raw matter in powder and granulated format; 2) Single application of paint and glazing materials; 3) Tableware Single Oven Firing. This innovative process has allowed for the reduction of energy-associated costs incurred when using the traditional dual-firing technique, while simultaneously lowering the carbon footprint associated with the production of IKEA tableware. In parallel the new single firing process developed by RiaStone also requires higher quality produce levels, delivered by the pre-oven production chain, in order to assure that when the pre-firing produce reaches the firing oven the produce can be fired without being heat distorted due to existing pre-firing defects.

EC ProjectQu4lity
TrendIndustry 4.0Zero Defect Production Facility
Validation TypeUse Case