The automotive world is a sector that is in constant movement and where technological developments require a continuous technological renovation. The Hot Stamping of Boron Steels is a recent creation technology that is settling in the sector and which processes are in constant evolutions, changes and improvements.FAGOR ARRASATE as a leading manufacturer of this type of facilities who supply to different OEM levels, TIER1 … (Volkswagen, Benteler …) is obliged to lead new proposals and solutions to these customers to improve the productivity, reliability and quality of their facilities. The pilot proposed in QU4LITY project is framed within the process of continuous improvement of FAGOR ARRASATE R&D strategy. The development of this project will allow FAGOR ARRASATE to offer to its customers a more accuracy, competitive and productive hot stamping lines and a greater degree of sophistication with respect to what the market currently offers. The development of this project will facilitate the increase of the level of sales.

EC ProjectQu4lity
TrendIndustry 4.0Zero Defect Manufacturing Equipment
Validation TypeUse Case