IOT Catalogue

FAGOR Zero-Defects Manufacturing Digital Press Machine

The pilot proposed in QU4LITY project is framed within the process of continuous improvement of FAGOR ARRASATE R&D strategy. The development of this project will allow FAGOR ARRASATE to offer to its customers a more accuracy, competitive and productive press...

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GHI Real-Time Cognitive Hot Stamping Furnace 4.0

One of the challenges of the automotive industry in recent years is to meet the demand to reduce fuel consumption, assuming a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. On the other hand, automotive sector has always been looking for increase the safety of the...

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PHILIPS OneBlade Shaving Unit Production Line

PHILIPS has recently developed a new male grooming device called OneBlade. The OneBlade is undergoing a phased worldwide introduction, started in 2016. PHILIPS is currently developing new production lines with increased capacity to meet the increased market...

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