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Innovalia Association
Silvia de la Maza

European Data & AI Strategy

European Commission, Data Policy and Innovation Unit
Kimmo Rossi

Industrial Data Ecosystem Development: Digital Innovation Hubs in Spain

Ministry of Industry, Subdirectorate General for Industry Digitization and Collaborative Environments
D. Jordi Llinares Sanjuan

Boost 4.0: Main Achievements

Innovalia Association
Oscar Lázaro

Big Data Casting Engineering

Nemak Linz GmbH, Institut für Angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen Gmbh (ATB), ESI Group
Florian Reiterer

Big Data Machine Tool Cybernetics

FILL Gmbh, Visual Components Oy, TTECH Computertechnik AG, RISC Software Gmbh
Harald Sehrschön

Big Data Sharing Spaces for Predictive Maintenance

Benteler Automotive Gmbh, It´s OWL, Atlantis Engineering, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angemandten Forschung E.V.
Daniel Köchling, Thanasis Naskos, Sebastian von Enzberg

Big Data for Spare Part Predictive Warehouse Management

Whirlpool Emea Spa, SAS Institute, Politecnico di Milano, Institue MinesTelecom
Emanuele Sampaolo

Massive Quality Control for Zero Defect Manufacturing

Innovalia Metrology, Eneo Tecnología S.L., FIWARE Foundation EV.
Toni Ventura


Big Data-Driven Intralogistics Process Commissioning

Volkswagen Autoeuropa, UNINOVA, Visual Components
Diogo Graça

Shopfloor Performance Optimization & Replication

Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V., Philips Electronics Nederland, Ria Stone, Interuniversitair Micro-electronicacentrum, Unparallel Innovation, LDA.
Bas Tijsma, Paulo Soeiro


From Sheep to Shop: A blockchain approach to point of origin certification in textile supply chain management

Fratelli Piacenza S.p.A, IBM Israel Science and Technology, Domina S.r.l
Alessandro Canepa, Fabiana Fournier

Big Data-Driven Zero Defect Factory 4.0

Agie Charmilles New Technologies SA (+GF+), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), ESI Group, CAPVIDIA N.V.
Roberto Perez, Jérôme Clavel


IDSA Launching Coallition & Network of IDSA Hubs

Industrial Data Space E.V.
Lars Nagel

European Certification Facilities & Intergration Camp for Trusted Data
Sharing Space Development

Software Quality Systems S.A.
Begoña Laibarra


Sustaining industrial data ecosystems and digital chains development
beyond Boost 4.0: The Digital Factory Alliance (DFA)

Innovalia Association, AtoS Research and Innovation, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A
Carmen Polcaro

Boost 4.0 Ecosystem & Community Building

European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, Innovalia Association
Cosmas Vamvalis, Oscar Lázaro


Innovalia Association
Silvia de la Maza