Towards High-Quality Processes in Industry 4.0

The Qu4lity Project and the Digital Factory Alliance have organized a second Deep Dive for the 22th of April with the purpose of opening a debate “Towards High-Quality Processes in Industry 4.0”, an issue to bring to the table given the value quality control has to any industry’s production chain.

The event will have the participation of multinational companies such as the Slovenian Kolektor group dedicated to the development of technologies in the field of mobility, construction and energy; and the German Thyssenkrupp group with focus on industrial engineering and steel production. They will talk about their experiences with the adoption of digital technologies in their manufacturing processes and the importance of a technological integrated quality control in these operations.

The discussion will revolve around two pilot projects. The first referred to the knowledge gained by Kolektor with the autonomous detection and removal of defects in injection moulding while the second will bring light to the prospects in quality management of steering gear based on acoustic control as seen by Thyssenkrupp.

The DFA Digital Factory Trials Deep Dives are bi-monthly manufacturing process focused events dedicated to understand in detail the technical and business dimensions of digital factory trials and to understand the power behind the digital transformation of manufacturing processes.

You can find more information about the Deep Dives and register to the event here.

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