Session at IFAC MIM-conference 2022

Partners of the QU4LITY-project propose a session on Ontology-Based Industrial Systems Development at the conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control.

Working on ontology-based development of industrial systems? Let’s learn from each other!

Together with colleagues from #Airbus and #EPFL we, from the project #QU4LITY, are organising a special session at the IFAC MIM.

The aim of our session is to bring together researchers and practicioners of all related disciplines and subject matters, to discuss problems and ontology-based approaches and solutions in the area of the development of industrial systems, like requirements engineering and management, industrial system architecture, assembly planning, manufacturing engineering, as well as simulation and optimization.

Background for the session is, that typically, in the development of industrial systems, i.e. manufacturing and assembly systems, different disciplines are involved, each of them using its own terminology, methods and tools. The resulting procedure is often fragmented by more or less isolated software systems, leading to the need for manual transfer of data and information, respectively, which is not only expensive but error-prone as well. A promising approach to improve the situation is the usage of common information models acting as “lingua franca” of the used software systems, based on ontological approaches. These common information models would not only allow continuous flows of information between the software systems used, but also the application of novel methods and tools such as generative design, cognitive digital twins, etc.

Join us and submit your contribution with the code r4377 to the 10th triennial IFAC conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control 2022 in Nantes.

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