QU4LITY in APMS and CIRP International Conferences

?During the last year two research papers dedicated to QU4LITY project were presented at important conferences APM and CIRP CMS during 2020/21. Researchers from SINTEF Manufacturing participated with multiple research achievements of QU4LITY project and were highlighted and disseminated via these conferences.

The APMS (Advances in Production Management Systems) conference, established in 1978, brings together leading international experts on production systems and logistics from academia, industry, and government to discuss pressing issues in smart manufacturing, operations management, supply chain management, and Industry 4.0 in the Artificial Intelligence era.

CIRP CMS2021 was the 54th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems and were held as a digitally arrangement in by LMS in Athens in the last week of September 2021. “Towards Digitalized Manufacturing 4.0.

SINTEF Manufacturing has also held a track at EFFRA as the leader of the Sub-group under Manufuture, together with the 4ZDM Community.

The content for the track was introducing the new ZDM project to the 4ZDM Community. All the presentations can be found here: https://www.effra.eu/events/european-zero-defect-manufacturing-zdm-landscape-state-play

The 4ZDM Community is also building up a new webportal for all the past ongoing and pre – projects.

International Conferences are perfect opportunities for disseminating research achievements and exchanging ideas by gathering experts from academia, industry, and government. During the second week of September 2021, we have been involved in three famous international conferences – APMS2021, FAIM2020 (1) and CIRP CMS2021 were all the conferences was held in a hybrid way with participants attending both physically and online.

QU4LITY project partner SINTEF Manufacturing, together with other collaborators, presented three research papers introducing topics related to QU4LITY projects and attracted much attention.

In APMS the paper “The changing role of shop-floor operators in zero defect manufacturing” presented by Eirin Lodgaard. In agreement with Philips based on observations of work in WP7 around operators use of digital technology in shopfloor.

At CIRP CMS2021 “Digitally Enhanced Quality Management for Zero Defect Manufacturing” were presented by Daryl Powell based on instinct from two Zero Defect ongoing project we can see the evolving practical insight from industrial cases together with focus on strategies in enhancement of quality issues.

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