QU4LITY enables the Interoperability and ZDM at MONDRAGON

To make the new industry paradigm (Industry 4.0) a success, companies need to implement more complex, interoperable, reconfigurable and responsive systems for their products and services in a quite natural manner. The lack of interoperability between heterogeneous systems is one of the main challenges hindering the great potential and the huge expectations placed around the integration of IoT and CPS solutions in the industrial context which comply with standardization based on smart manufacturing reference models such RAMI 4.0 IIRA or NIST SME and I4.0 language.

MONDRAGON Corporation, Spain, is a very diversified worldwide group with around 82.000 workers in the areas of Industry, Knowledge, Retail and Finance. MONDRAGON as industry member of QU4LITY project Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Under grant agreement No 825030, leads the Process Pilot: Zero Defect & Autonomous Quality in Machinery Building for Capital Goods sector involving two industrial scenarios:  Manufacturing Processes with Cutting/Grinding Machinery for Railway, supported by Danobat and Manufacturing Processes with Hot Stamping Machinery for Automotive, supported by Fagor Arrasate.

With the aim of coping with ZDM objective and under MONDRAGON digital transformation strategy, one of the major challenges of MONDRAGON pilot is to agglutinate the aggregate datasets from heterogeneous industrial systems and the different stages of the process from two different manufacturing lines. In addition, a dashboard showing alerts and deviations thought the industrial process will be stablished. It is a must the unification of the I4.0 language between Industrial devices to enable the Interoperability. This is possible thanks to standardization.

The Asset Administration Shell initiative based on IEC 62832 – Digital Factory Framework and defined in IEC 63278 supports the idea of standardized automated industrial systems, industrial assets and CPSs aligned with RAMI 4.0 smart manufacturing reference model. AAS specifications have been implemented by University of MONDRAGON (MGEP) in QU4LITY as baseline for addressing the interoperability and the standardization in MONDRAGON pilot from heterogenous systems and two Manufacturing Line scenarios.


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