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Digital Manufacturing SME Programme
Digital Factory Marketplace
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Digital Manufacturing SME Programme

In a manufacturing context, where collaboration and flexibility are becoming key elements of industrial competitiveness, the Digital Factory Alliance strives to ensure that you partner with the company that fits your business strategy and process best.

Stand out of the crowd and develop those features that your customers appreciate most.

The Digital Manufacturing SME Programme puts you in contact with Digital Factory consultants that will profile specific advanced manufacturing and digital capabilities of interest to your customers. Thus, your company is better prepared to instantly match your customer demands.

Meet and work with Digital Factory consultants to build solid business cases and strategies.

Digital Factory Marketplace

Engage in the Digital Factory Solution Partner Programme and make sure that your Industry 4.0 solutions and products stand out of the crowd.

Adopt standards, models and vocabularies that are valued by industry to implement industrial value chains.

Certify your solution and give visibility to your solution or marketplace and connect them to specific Digital Factory processes to increase business opportunities.

Digital Factory Explorer

Willing to pioneer and develop unique industry 4.0 digital capabilities? The Digital Factory Explorer provides you with access to highly innovative use cases and digital assets to spark your business innovation.

Access mission-focused Testing and Experimentation infrastructures, where you can try, experiment and customize first-hand your innovations.