InterQ project wants to boost the quality of manufacturing operations and manufactured products linking the process, product and data quality across the supply chain. InterQ approach is based on the development of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence driven applications to control and optimize the Process, Product and Data quality, the creation of a PPD Hallmark to guarantee the quality, and the application of Blockchain technology to securely exchange the PPD Hallmark data.

The project has finished the technology development and lab validation stages and is currently facing the last part of the project which is focused on the implementation and validation of the developed technologies in three industrial use cases from different sectors: Aerospace, Automotive and Wind Energy.

In this webinar, InterQ approach will be introduced to the audience. In addition, most relevant technologies developed during the last two and a half years will be presented in details, covering the 5 modules that compose the InterQ solution: Process, Product, Data, ZeroDefect and TrustedFramework.


5 min Welcome
Mikel Armendia, TEKNIKER
5 min InterQ Introduction
Jose Luis Lanzagorta, IDEKO
20 min Machine-Integrated Process and Product Control Technologies for ZDM
Xavier Beudaert, IDEKO
20 min Erroneous Data Repair for ZDM
Sagar Sen, SINTEF
20 min CiP-DMD: A new benchmark dataset for machine learning applications in discrete manufacturing
Beatriz Cassoli and Nicolas Jourdan, PTW
20 min A blockchain-based framework for trusted data sharing towards ZDM
5 min Closure
Mikel Armendia, TEKNIKER