European Industry is recently encountering several challenges in the context of the European strategy for data. In 2020 the EU announced the Data Act (DA), adopted since June 2023, and the Data Governance Act (DGA), recently entered into force in September 2023.

This event is organized by the Digital Factory Alliance (DFA) and the EU Project RE4DY: European “Data as a PRoduct” Value Ecosystems for Resilient Factory 4.0 Product and ProDuction ContinuitY and Sustainability. This project intends to lead European manufacturing industry from manual operations to integrated dataspace participation, increasing capabilities for data engineering and autonomous AI & Digital twin continuous delivery.

Consequently, the project demonstrates how European industry can jointly build unique data-driven manufacturing and supply network active resilience strategies while sustaining competitive advantages through digital continuity and sovereign dataspaces.


11:00 Welcome & Project-Speakers Introduction
11:10 Industry Challenges Introduction
11:20 Data and IP Rights: Traceability and Interoperability via a Legal Ontology of IP. Tervel Bobev, KU Leuven.
Tervel Bobev is a jurist and research fellow at the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law (Belgium). He graduated cum laude from University College Utrecht’s honors program with a BA in Law & Economics and holds an LLM in Information and Communication Technology Law (top marks) from the University of Oslo, with the latter also supplemented by courses in legal informatics. Tervel’s work in KU Leuven focuses on B2B data sharing in cutting edge contexts such as Industry 4.0 and common European data spaces. His area of expertise is bridging the gap between novel legislation, industrial agreements, and technological innovations such as Digital Twins.
11:45 Knowledge management for improved decision making: interfaces for tracking intellectual property, asset management and product life cycles in manufacturing value networks. Michela Magas, Industry Commons Foundation.
Michela Magas bridges design and technology, academic research and industry. She is Chair of the Board and Principal Investigator at the Industry Commons Foundation focusing on cross-domain collaboration and data interoperability. She is advisor to the European Commission and the G7 leaders, Member of President von der Leyen’s High Level Round Table for the New European Bauhaus, and member of the Advisory Board of CERN IdeaSquare (ISAB-G). She is the Founder of Stockholm-based MTF Labs and has, over the past 11 years, been conducting technology experiments with over 8000 global, multidisciplinary contributors, and developing methods that have been selected as best practice for Knowledge Valorisation by the European Commission. For 20 years, she ran Stromatolite Design Lab in London creating design futures with global clients such as Apple, Nike and Nokia. In 2017 she was awarded European Woman Innovator of the Year by the European Commission, and in 2019 the Leonardo Journal, published by MIT Press, recognised her as an Outstanding Peer Reviewer.
12:15 Questions & Answers
12:30 Event closure