Atlantis Engineering becomes a new DFA member

Atlantis Engineering expects a significant added value by its active participation in the DFA Community

Atlantis Engineering is proud of being part of the DFA Community and feels privileged to partner and cooperate with innovative EU-wide leading companies in digital transformation and technological innovation.

Expected added value for our company, through its DFA membership, includes:

  • The opportunity to further promote our digital products to a world-wide audience through their exposure to the DFA marketplace.
  • Building synergies with DFA members enabling, among others, the integration of innovative products, facilitating thus their further penetration in the global market.
  • Extensive knowledge sharing with other DFA participants in areas such as the digital manufacturing technologies for data-driven AI-powered manufacturing, managing to boost acceleration of the adoption of digital technologies.

Atlantis Engineering will do its best to have an active role in the creative environment being built by Innovalia, Atos and Engineering.

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